Simple Village Folks Who Saw the Uncreated Light

Picture of Greek VillagersAn excerpt from the homily by Fr. Nicholas Loudovikos delivered on March 15, 2008 at the Diakideios School of Patrae.


Once, I happened to witness an event that I will tell you about in closing…

I was a young officiating presbyter at the time, and I was serving at some village churches just outside Thessaloniki. At the same time, I was the assistant to a very important theologian at the school of theology. What I was going through, while writing for my diatribe at the school of theology at the same time, was one, huge contrast: On the one hand, at the school of theology I was in contact with everything grand and strange and incomprehensible that theology holds with its profound meanings etc., and on the other, I was a village priest to 10 different (more…)

The Snakes That Venerate Icons (Symbolism of the Serpents)

This article on A Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons begins with a very brief history about the snakes, but it is particularly interesting for its discussion on the symbolism of these serpents in Orthodoxy.

Icon of Panagia Fidousa (Virgin of the Snakes)

Icon of Panagia Fidousa (Virgin of the Snakes)

The snakes that venerate icons

In a tiny Greek village in the south of Kefallonia, a miracle occurs every year after the feast of the Transfiguration (Aug 6). Around the bell-tower of the chapel at Markopoulo, small venomous snakes appear. These snakes crawl around the church, and upon the icons of the Mother of God in an act of apparent veneration. The snakes remain in the confines of the chapel, docile throughout, until the feast of the Dormition (Aug 15), when they disperse and become almost impossible . . .

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The Miracle of the Dormition Snakes

Photo of the Dormition SnakesEach year a miracle occurs in a small Greek village in Kefallonia. Between the feasts of Transfiguration (August 6) and the Dormition of the Theotokos (August 15), snakes with small crosses on their heads and tongues come from the bell tower and enter the church to venerate icons. They disappear after Dormition until the next year.

You can read about the history of the snakes in the article The Holy Snakes of the Virgin Mary in Kefallonia (Part 1). Pictures of the snakes are in Part 2.

You can also see videos of the snakes below.



A Miracle in Austria

posts-icon-czar-nicholas-ii28 June 2014 marked the centenary of the tragic assassination, planned by freemasons, of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his spouse Sophia, Duchess of Hohenberg. This was the spark that lit the powderkeg of Europe and so led to the First World War. Carefully planned by international freemasonry and carried out by a manipulated young Bosnian student, the assassination successfully destroyed the old Europe for ever and led to the fall of Christian monarchies. Although warned not to visit Sarajevo by the (more…)