Weekly Schedule: August 28 – September 3

  6:30 pm Catechism Class
   6:30 pm Daily Vespers
   6:00 pm Paraklesis to The Mother of God
   6:45 am Matins
   2:00 pm 1st Talk given by Mr. Novis* from Holy Trinity Seminary
   4:00 pm Light refreshments following the talk
   5:30 pm Great Vespers followed by Communion Rule
   9:40 am Hours
 10:00 am Divine Liturgy followed by Trapeza (meal). 2nd Talk given by Mr. Novis* will be after the Trapeza

*Mr. Novis, a teacher of Byzantine philosophy at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville will be delivering two formal talks. The first will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM will have a question and answer session following the talk. On Sunday afternoon after the trapeza, Mr. Novis will speak again followed by a question and answer session.