Services for the Week of January 17

Tuesday – 5:30 pm Akathist to the Mother of God,
6:30 pm Catechism Class.
WednesdayEve of Theophany Services: 10:00 am Vesporal Divine Liturgy with Great Blessing of Water for Theophany to follow,
5:30 pm Vigil for Theophany.
Thursday – 9:40 am Hours, 10:00 am Liturgy, followed by the Blessing of the Waters at Melton Dam.
Friday – 6:45 am Matins.
Saturday – 5:30 pm Vespers.
Sunday  – 9:40 am Hours, 10:00 am Liturgy.
Fr. Job’s Talk and Fr. Aidan’s Law of God class will follow the meal.