Where is Heaven?

Jonathan Pageau reflects on cosmology and the modern world in the second article of a three-part series at Orthodox Arts Journal.

Where is Heaven?

by Jonathan Pageau

Icon of the Ladder of Divine Ascent(Having seen the many furious comments made by scientist types to my last article, I thought it might be necessary to slow things down a bit in order to make myself clearer, and so I will speak of sacred art more directly in the next instalment of this series.)

In 1922 Fr. Pavel Florensky wrote an article called “A Defense of Geocentrism” in which he attempted to use the general theory of relativity to show that considering the relativity of motion, one could develop a perfectly coherent mathematical model in which the Earth is the reference of motion. This model would in fact correspond to Ptolemy’s cosmological descriptions. This article was one of the reasons the Communist State . . .

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